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Not made quality villa, indulge lakeside Wan Yunlong Lake Joy Lake supremacy holiday bungalow
Release time:2015-2-27 17:41:26
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Xuzhou has three lakes, formed a three set of ecological, recreational, ecological living as one of the central residential area. Of which the first is Yunlong Lake, as inland lakes, Yunlong Lake is from the center of the nearest lake, although in recent years, and a large dragon Lake and Lake as the core of the region is booming, but still can not replace Yunlonghu "the most prominent cities card "status. More and more field work in the business elite Xu Yunlong Lake initial demand for leisure travel, holiday sojourn into the long-term needs.
The essence of a Gulf World

Finally, the original ecological landscape Yunlong Kosei Jane ground
Therefore, as the center of Yunlong Lake land prices soaring again, become even bigger Xuzhou Huaihai economic zone occupied, the first choice for investment. But the attendant, is increasingly scarce resources Yunlonghu surrounding land. Future Yunlong Lake lake land, more will no longer be used in residential construction.
Su-tech Group, with 23 years of tourism, real estate pioneer profound insight and foresight to get too heavily 8000000000 Yunlonghu 2,500 acres of land in the West Bank were big plans, the first big holiday Huaihai chief living life estate, and together raised a holiday park in Xuzhou The new sailing life. With Yunlong Kosei first row, and an undeveloped hillside half native, Wan Yunlong Joy or will become the most essential one Kosei Bay heaven and earth, and the last party can be used for high-end residential development of the original ecological landscape Jane ground.

Ideal for the holiday came to live

Huaihai economic life of the city, Chief holiday
Wan Joy, one million square Bay Area homes, with three world (Caribbean Water World, candy world, joy to the world), Articles 28 and 60 years of classic European leisure and cultural blocks together to build one of Yunlong Kosei joy to the world.
Where the theme of residential Wan Joy, sloping gardens flagship product, the convergence of high-end crowd Xuzhou, Xuzhou Yunlong Lake vicinity rare large high-end communities. 6-8 layers of French houses, scattered collections quiet lake among the good old days. Relying theme park, two major themes business and leisure facilities, so happy and relaxed holiday living yangxin combine live.
Currently a Caribbean Water World and two candy world has flourishing park opened, tens of thousands of daily visitors to greet the future with the joy of a perfect world the park opened, the theme park had a steady stream of traffic and market effect, in bringing high At the same time the amount of income, but also to promote the local tourism industry have a crucial role as a significant carrier of a city's economic strength and functioning of the city, and most dazzling city card.
The theme Business --28 Articles BLOCK commercial district, five blocks from the planning to build the world's most classic BLOCK neighborhood culture, commercial, leisure, open, people, pro and concepts as a whole, for the majority of owners and visitors stop Large international life support services.
Set in an aura of thousands of Wan Joy, with almost out of print resources and international top-Lake vacation package allows us to see a new holiday pattern, beyond the imagination of an ultimate vacation getaway has set sail.
Unprecedented portrait push huge benefits
108-128㎡ to America wide View Bungalow
Wan Joy project came to the scene, the most shocking than the original piece was not the time to disturb the ecological half hillside, climbing afar, meandering shoreline panoramic view. Yudai River as a beautiful jade, meandering between Wang Changshan and plow hill, buckling love. And behind the undulating hills, lush mountain vegetation surround the square Joy, holding in her hand like a pearl. Hidden in the shallow bays Hill Tiancheng, Green Crest on Avon next, health, seductive, nourishing the heart, the achievements of the Wan Joy holiday bungalow Broadwood Fam.
It is reported that a 6-8 Wan Joy gardens, an unprecedented portrait push the huge benefits! A one-time 95% off the full amount, mortgage 96 fold. Old with the new and more Hao Li both hands! Ultra-low volume rate of 1.05, over 40 meters away from BAN, every window on the most beautiful scenery can be fixed. 108-128㎡ Pierre bungalow units, floor, ground floor has a garden and exclusive underground space. Part of the two-story home set up special exclusive elevator space, the top floor has a loft. Beyond imagination courtesy, to accommodate a person's happy time together. Not self-indulgence villa quality Lake, Man Joy was already beyond the residence has become spiritual confidant.

Bungalow Hotline: 81909999

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