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Blood cast new life, love and embracing Wan Joy
Release time:2015-2-27 17:32:46
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Daily News: In the 2014 New Year approaching, today (29) morning, from Xuzhou square Joy staff together many public-spirited owners of joint Xuzhou City Blood Center co-sponsored the "2014 lines of love built dream" charity donation in Expand on the beautiful shores of Xuzhou Yunlong Park's main square, nearly 40 volunteers to participate in blood donation activities, a total of nearly 8000 ml of blood donation, volunteers with their own actions warm this winter. Meanwhile, as the organizers of the Xuzhou Wan Joy, but also for the majority of volunteers to prepare a welcoming gift, so the New Year approaching, the warmth overflowing.

As a 2014 blood donation cooperation in Xuzhou love business, SND (Xuzhou) Investment and Development Co. leaders said: "As a large project in Xuzhou triple, its parks, real estate, business and many other s of the complex, and always adhere to the benefit of society, contribute to the community, Thanksgiving corporate social beliefs, will continue to carry out such a meaningful event in the future, public cooperation with the square Joy Xuzhou City Blood Center, the enthusiastic response and support of many public-spirited owners hope in the future there will be more opportunities for cooperation. Wan Joy quality-oriented, in order to build the house of love, hope every warm little house Build a prosperous and harmonious everyone. "

Ten thousand Joy, Joy to the World Square theme Xuzhou vacation homes, where one of the Holiday Inn Sunspree for 6-8 platform gardens, close to Yunlong Lake project in the West Bank, located between the mountains and the plow king long hill, jade river landscape with throughout the project environment beautiful, unique air quality, residential base Beishanmianshui, possession of the wind gas gathering. Designed to create a large holiday Huaihai chief city life, to rewrite the traditional Habitat Xuzhou form!
2014, let's initiative, each gave a public mind, is called for more guidance, is moving more action! Let's work together! OK love to build a dream!

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