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Dragon Boat Festival on the tongue, Wan Joy dumplings love PK celebrate the festive season
Release time:2015-2-27 17:26:01
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Dragon Boat Festival - a thousand years of traditional Chinese customs, although nowadays a lot of young people are more interested in a lot of Western popular romantic holiday, but as the Chinese tradition, on behalf of the traditional festival of Chinese culture and a strong national feelings, we still need to continue to pass every Chinese people. Square Joy uphold the responsibilities and obligations of Xuzhou market, specially organized for the majority of the owners and a soft spot for the traditional Chinese festival citizens together rice dumplings, personally feel the traditional festival of ethnic flavor.
Saturday, Wan Joy Holiday Hotel Haitian sales offices, all ten thousand Joy owners and the public, will be gathered together to participate in ten thousand Joy "dumpling love PK celebrate the festive season," the package dumplings Contest, will set the scene not only family celebration happy holidays rice dumplings team, but also for the professional group ad hoc rice dumplings PK contest to see who within the specified time hands faster, winning owner will receive ten thousand joy prizes for everyone to prepare for this festival, do not forget Chinese situation, the future of community family gathered for the holidays.

Joy as the distance square near Xuzhou Yunlong Lake City holiday life to the holiday house for the majority of the public to provide more comfortable Xuzhou livable life, Beishanmianshui feng shui advantage, superior environment Yunlonghu 4A level scenic spots, and after garden - Eco Hanwang town, 3.5 km away from the project, described as out of all Taoyuan.
Su-tech state-owned enterprises as listed in Xuzhou pick up the first tape, the advantages of the natural conditions for Yunlong lakeside plots careful planning to three large parks, Articles 28 BLOCK commercial, and vacation bungalows perfect combination of three modules, Xuzhou vacation homes provide the most advanced living concept and supporting resources, the current theme resort residential square Joy lift slope house is hot sale in 110-270 square meters, down from 260,000, ranking Yunlong Lake house vacation day Hey earthshaking, but the star of the project level clubs and landscape demonstration area is well underway and construction is expected in June members of the public can enjoy the charm of Lake house.

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