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Fimo weekend DIY, parenting warmth filled Wan Joy
Release time:2015-2-27 17:14:14
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It is reported that: 6.1 Children's Day approaching, Wan Joy and children in order to give the owners bring greetings, specially organized parent-child warmth filled clay DIY craft activities at the weekend. Many children and parents had a good parent-child time, they will collaborate together to elaborate a small clay works, put together the joy of childhood, save a copy of happy memories forever.
Saturday morning, a small table filled with rows of square Joy sales office lobby in activity has not officially started, many children have been attracted piles of colorful polymer clay and carefully study the practice of various shapes After patiently wait for the host to everyone explain clay production methods and precautions, we have added to the fun festive happy hour among DIY clay. Watching the children seriously focused expression, to see Mom and Dad a rare heart free companionship, warmth see table table full of family child picture, after a lot of tourists here have been moved, some stopped to watch, and some This can not help but have been added to the great joy of the game.
Not long, parenting collaborative effort of many families presented one by one, ten thousand Joy attentive staff, for their pictures and leave this touching scene, I hope in the upcoming Children's Day, the kids happy in the future This growth has left childhood best happy hour.

It is reported that, as of Xuzhou Xuzhou Wan Joy Joy to the World Square theme vacation homes, with the three major theme parks (Caribbean Water World, candy world, joy to the world) and Articles 28 classic European BLOCK 60 years together to build a commercial district in the West Bank Yunlonghu holy joy party is big Huaihai chief joy to holiday-themed real estate development projects. As a pure community gardens, Wan Joy opened the first detonation of Xuzhou, 4 hours fresh off the 4.2 million that were mad rush to buy this opening scene, it is the first case in Xuzhou. Currently part of the collection of bungalows is hot sale, sloping down only 260,000 yuan from the house.

In addition, a variety of colorful summer holiday activities on ten thousand Joy holiday experience will be exciting show, the majority of owners and the public can participate in full free in the summer, not taking a trip, you can enjoy the square Joy colorful ready for you cool holiday joy trip.

Meanwhile, the star clubhouse and landscape demonstration area of the project is well underway and construction is expected in June members of the public can enjoy the charm of Lake House.


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