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Wan Joy Allure struck 7 #, 14 # scarcity of high-rise building
Release time:2015-2-27 17:00:29
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Bay high-rise, Allure struck, Wan Joy slope after another new house, now push two small high scarce. August 23 at 9:30 am, three batches of 7 #, 14 # building houses a total of 106 started the subscription, the area between the 105-150㎡, submitted by the end of 2014. Subscribe day on the basis of the total amount of publicity and enjoy a total of 96% off the mortgage and reduce the value of 20,000 yuan and 10,000 underground parking vouchers, a one-time 95% off and minus 10 000 and 20 000 underground parking spaces worth of vouchers promotions; As of this weekend, 59 groups of customers come to the scene, where a new group of 16 visitors, old customers 43 groups, a total of 11 groups subscribe. Recently a number of new and old customers to booking, we can see whether it is Wan Joy owners, or potential customers, have a deep bay sloping residential complex, as well as leisurely life romantic yearning. Wan Joy perfect product planning and superior natural conditions, just to meet the potential of their hearts desire.

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